As the warm embrace of August winds ushers in a season of transformation, I find myself reflecting on the parallels between nature’s currents and my own journey. Just like the wind, change is inevitable – it sweeps us into new territories, carries us toward uncharted waters, and fills our sails with the unknown.

Three weeks ago, I embarked on a fresh adventure, anchoring my dreams at Jet Creative Consulting. The winds of change blew me into a new office space, nestled within the serene haven of Shed n Silo. It was time to adjust my sails, not to fight against the wind, but to let it guide me toward new opportunities, creativity, and growth.

Crafting a Routine That Ignites Inspiration

In the midst of these winds of change, I’ve been crafting a routine that acts as my compass. Routine doesn’t mean monotony; it means grounding myself amidst the whirlwind of possibilities. Every morning, as I step into my sunflower-filled studio, I’m reminded of the simple yet profound beauty in nature’s details – a beauty I aim to infuse into every project I undertake.

With this said, my graphic design working days and hours are:
Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday –         10am  – 4pm

Wednesday – 8am – 4pm

Thursday –       8am – 4pm

Friday –              8am  – 3pm

Saturday –       10am – 3pm

Sunday –           10am – 3pm

Embracing the Unpredictable Breeze

Change, much like the wind, cannot be controlled. But what we can control is how we adapt and navigate through it. Settling into my new creative space, I quickly realized that embracing change was the key to unlocking my potential. The gentle rustle of leaves outside my window became a reminder that transformation is a constant, and it’s up to us to harness its power.

Sailing into Creative Abundance

My new office space is more than four walls; it’s a sanctuary of innovation. Just as the wind shapes the contours of the land, this space shapes the contours of my creative endeavors. It’s where ideas bloom like sunflowers, reaching for the sky. It’s where collaboration takes root, and where business strategies are nurtured to fruition.
If you would like to setup a creative consultation, please let me know and we can setup a meeting at my creative studio.

Finding My Footing Amidst the Gusts

Much like a sailor finding their sea legs, I’ve been navigating the ebbs and flows of this new chapter. Settling in doesn’t just mean unpacking boxes; it’s about finding my footing in this fresh landscape. It’s about uncovering the hidden treasures within my surroundings, and transforming them into a canvas of creativity.

Charting the Course Ahead

As August’s winds continue to dance outside my window, I’m reminded that change is a catalyst for growth. Settling into my new creative space has been a journey of adjusting my sails, finding balance in routine, and harnessing the winds of change to drive me toward excellence.

So, here’s to embracing the unpredictable, to sailing into creative abundance, and to finding inspiration in the winds of August. Change may be constant, but it’s our response to it that truly shapes our course.

Here’s to navigating new horizons and discovering the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Fair winds and boundless creativity, Jess.

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Calendars for 2024

My ever popular A1 calendars which will launching 1 October 2023.

  • Encapsulated so it can be used as white board.

  • Space for writing notes

  • Monthly goals

  • RSA Holidays

  • Colour Key Ref

  • Week starts on a Monday

I have 2 Themes available
Bloom with Grace (Magnolia) – R350 exl delivery

I need Space – R350 exl delivery


Customised with your logo and brand colours
You can have it customised with your logo and colours at an

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To pre-order your A1 Calendar please email me.

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