Jet Creative Studio

Where graphic design & Illustration meet – Original
Stationery and Gifting accessories.

Discover a studio space filled with illustrations, meticulously
crafted by hand with watercolor and fineliners, and then transformed into captivating digital creations. Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, lovingly brought to life. At Jet Creative Studio, I take pride in offering a curated- selection of gifting and stationery products that celebrate the beauty of nature and inspire a sense of wonder.

My Inspiration:
Nature’s Elegance, delicate flowers, majestic animals, and the ever-changing sky—my illustrations draw inspiration from the enchanting elements of the natural world. Every stroke captures the essence of its subject, revealing a symphony of colors and intricate details.

Embrace the Convenience of Online Shopping, or Step into Our Creative Haven!

At Jet creative Studio, we offer you the flexibility to shop from the comfort of your home through my online store. Discover my range of handcrafted products, conveniently browse the collections, and select your favourites.
Please note that all product prices on our website exclude the courier fee, which will be added during checkout.

For a truly immersive experience, I invite you to visit my retail store, where creativity comes to life. Step into my happy space to explore my captivating illustrations and feel the artistry firsthand. Immerse yourself in the colours, textures, and intricate details that make my creations unique.

Jet Creative Consulting

Are you searching for a graphic design studio that can bring your brand to life with stunning visuals and strategic marketing materials? Look no further than Jet Creative Consulting! I specialise in logo and brand development, packaging design, digital marketing, layout, and creating captivating marketing materials for businesses of all sizes.

At Jet Creative Consulting, my brand tone is casual, creative, bold, and down to earth. I believe in the power of simplicity and the beauty of detail. Just like a sunflower, your business has the potential to grow from a seed and bloom with constant nurturing and collaboration.

This quote resonates deeply with me as well. It reminds me to remain grounded and humble, even as I aspire to achieve great heights.
This quote encourages me to stay connected to my roots, appreciating the journey and the valuable lessons it brings. By keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground, I remain grounded in my authenticity, and the incredible individuals who support me along the way.

“Reach for the stars” fuels my ambitions, reminding me to never lose sight of my dreams and aspirations. It inspires me to push beyond my perceived limitations, embrace challenges, and continually strive for growth and self-improvement. While the stars may seem distant and unattainable, they constantly remind me of the infinite possibilities that await if I dare to dream big and work diligently towards my goals.

Make your way to Shed N Silo in Benoni and capture a moment with your feet firmly planted on my “Reach for the Stars” floor decal. Snap a selfie and don’t forget to tag @jetcreativestudio_za
I can’t wait to see if this quote ignites your inspiration as well.

About Jess – as an Illustrator

Welcome to my world, where dreams meet reality and passion intertwines with creativity. This illustration shop manifests a childhood dream and a lifelong goal that has finally come true. Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed about designing wrapping paper and gift cards for a retail store, infusing
a touch of magic into people’s lives through my artwork.

However, life took unexpected turns, and my dreams were momentarily set aside. While pursuing my studies in graphic design, a discouraging remark from a lecturer left me doubting my drawing abilities. I carried on with graphic design and have made a success of my career as a graphic designer, putting my
passion for illustration on hold. It wasn’t until the challenging times of the COVID-19 lockdowns, filled with boredom and stress, that I rediscovered the joy of illustrating.

Driven by an inner fire, I immersed myself in the world of illustration once again. Sharing my artwork on social media, I was overwhelmed by the incredibly positive response from people worldwide. Encouraged by this outpouring of support, I decided to take a leap of faith. In December 2021, I bravely showcased my
illustrations at markets, facing my fears head-on.

The reception was heartening and fueled my determination to keep creating and sharing my passion with
the world. Fast forward to July 2023, and here I am with a diverse range of illustrated products I proudly
sell online. But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also transformed a part of my dream into reality by establishing a
physical store and a graphic design office at Shed n Silo in Benoni.

Now, I live a fulfilling dual role. As a graphic designer, I assist businesses of all sizes in shaping their brands and fulfil their marketing needs. I help them communicate their unique identities to the world through my expertise. Jet Creative Consulting.

Simultaneously, I embrace the freedom of illustration, allowing my creativity to flow and sharing my artwork with those who appreciate its beauty.

I invite you to explore the wonders I’ve created in this space where design meets illustration. From intricate illustrations gracing paper products to captivating designs adorning clothing and accessories, every piece carries a piece of my heart. Each product is a testament to the resilience of dreams and the power of pursuing one’s true passion.

Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey. Together, let’s celebrate the
magic of art, embrace our uniqueness, and create a world where dreams are realised.

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